There is a new move of God sweeping across this great country. America is seeing a new face arise within the church. It's the emergence of the mulitcultural church - a church that looks like heaven, from every tribe, tongue, race and nation. It's the church of unified nations in Christ. It has been prophesied about, dreamed of, preached on, and now is manifesting. The Multicultural church is our reply to racism and the blueprint for reaching the nations. The multicultural church is the cry of the Holy Spirit for America today. Our time is at hand to fulfill the great commission.

The dirty little secret in America is that we are a racially segregated society and we are comfortable in the segregation. Could it be true that Racism lives because we do nothing, and when we don't do something we are racist? Why has the church not responded? Why have we not acted? Why is "Sunday morning still noted as the most racially segregated day throughout the week?" Billy Graham said "Without question, the single greatest social problem that faces our world is racism."

It is common for the American church to make a tremendous effort to support foreign mission work in order to reach people of different races in other countries and yet do little, if anything, about reaching people of different races in their own cities. Until the church steps up and does something about it, we will continue to stifle the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the planet. "Without question, the single greatest social problem that faces our world is racism." We still have the black church here and the white church over there. There is little unity, only tolerance and acceptance.

Do we really think racism has changed? Campolo argues that "Many protestant denominations in the United States have developed antiracism initiatives and encouraged their congregations to open themselves up to a greater racial diversity. Yet the separation of the white church and black church remains entrenched." The Blended Church is confronting the elephant in the room.

This series is about an adventure of challenging the status quo of the church's stance or lack of one on racism. It's about our church locks being super glued shut at our church, the windows being blown out, the name calling, and then the glorious experience of seeing blacks and whites and then 30 nations of people come together in unity for Jesus every Sunday morning.


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